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Endorsed Partner Program Brings bttn. Onboard

HASC knows from members it can be difficult to source some medical supplies and PPE items at a fair price – specifically nitrile gloves. To address this, the association looks for vendors and new opportunities to provide vetted medical supplies at discounted rates.

Introducing bttn.

This month, HASC welcomes its newest Endorsed Business Partner bttn., a medical supply procurement solution that has helped hundreds of health care organizations across the country improve their procurement process and save money.

bttn. exists to democratize pricing on the world’s most vital supplies. With the power of technology and big data, bttn. helps every health care organization find fair pricing and easy access to essential supplies. The firm’s approach to democratizing health care purchasing benefits both buyers and product suppliers.

About bttn.

Buttonwood Inc. goes by the name bttn. Tradition holds that the New York Stock Exchange began under a buttonwood tree. There the Buttonwood Agreement was signed in 1792, and the greatest trading organization in the world was established. From this epic tale of worldwide trade, and the firm’s goal of transforming health care purchasing – the identity of Buttonwood Inc. was born. 

The shortened name “bttn.” speaks to the company’s goal of simplifying health care purchasing. bttn. intends to simplify medical supply procurement, making it as easy as the click of a button!

Learn more about bttn. by visiting its website:

bttn. Does Medical Supply Differently

  • No exclusive contracts                                   
  • No membership fees
  • No spending minimums                                 
  • No organizational size requirements
  • Online procurement                                      
  • Big Data pricing insights

Winning Together – HASC and bttn.

In the past year, bttn. has delivered over one million units to HASC members in San Bernardino County through the partnership. We expect our continued partnership with bttn. to offer members future cost savings as well. 

What’s Next?

bttn. will be launching a group discount code throughout the HASC region to offer even higher savings on harder-to-find products. You will see communication from bttn. and HASC over the coming months with specifics.

Need Help Now?

If your organization is in need of immediate procurement assistance, please reach out directly to HASC’s dedicated representative at bttn., Rich Garwood, (619) 446-8525 or

For more information, please contact Paul Young, HASC’s Senior Vice President of Public Policy and Reimbursement,