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CDIP Internship Seeks 2022 Sponsor Hospitals

The HASC-Health Career Connection (HCC) workforce diversity program is known as the College to Career Diversity Internship Program, or CDIP for short. CDIP is a 10-week, full-time, paid, project-based summer internship program that identifies and recruits local, diverse, high-performing college upperclassmen and recent graduates seeking health care careers.

CDIP interns gain exposure to a wide range of non-clinical health care positions while also offering the host organization skillful support on new or ongoing projects. CDIP provides HASC members the opportunity to meet broader diversity and workforce goals and serves as an efficient means of integrating new talent into open positions. 

Currently, we are seeking member hospitals to serve as host organizations for the CDIP 2022 summer cohort. In an ideal placement, host organizations and their intern supervisors, or “preceptors,” provide hands-on learning experiences through opportunities to shadow key executives, interview staff and stakeholders, and work on projects that help interns understand how both the organization and the health sector work.

Interns provide value to the host organization through the projects they complete, as well as their fresh insights, innovative thinking, and enthusiasm to learn and engage. Learn more about the program, and how to apply, here

HASC works with HCC to connect with leadership at member hospitals to assist with:

  • Hosting an intern 
  • Identifying your substantive project
  • Completing the agreement process
  • Recruiting via targeted promotions, HASC communications channels and digital marketing platforms 

Ways to support:

We urge you to consider CDIP and look forward to you hosting an intern this summer — interviews start in early March. For additional info, see the flier and social media toolkit links below.

With questions, please contact HASC Workforce Development Program Manager Lisa Mitchell.

Lisa Mitchell

Job title:
Program Director, Workforce Development
Phone number:
(213) 538-0722