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Well Advised helps hospitals deliver appropriate patient access, supporting ideal clinical coverage while matching a patient’s financial abilities. The company provides an unbiased, confidential and free service that guides patients to their optimal Medicare coverage based on clinical needs and provider and financial preferences.


Well Advised provides free and unbiased health education and resources to help patients and the community determine their optimal Medicare coverage based on individual preferences and priorities.

Medicare selection has traditionally been a complicated process, and unbiased support can be difficult to access. People are inundated with confusing Medicare plan promotions. There are thousands of coverage combinations, and most people using Medicare are not enrolled in their best option: They either do not have enough coverage, or they are paying too much for the coverage they do have.  To address these issues, Well Advised developed an industry-leading technology that makes finding the optimal Medicare coverage for each individual scientific and simple. Well Advised supports the patients in your community by providing access to this tool and to education resources that demystify the complexities of Medicare coverage.

All Well Advised educational materials and tools are free to use. Their website, well-advised.com, includes a proven technology that, unlike other offerings, evaluates all available Medicare options from all insurance companies. The individual enters preferred doctors, hospitals, prescriptions, insurance and more. The resulting unbiased recommendation is, quite simply, the one that best fits the individual’s preferences, priorities and financial needs. When the optimal plan is recommended, the user can then easily enroll in Medicare, or if already enrolled, can change their existing Medicare coverage during the open-enrollment period. Well Advised tracks the Medicare market and will alert the individual if a better option to meet their needs becomes available. All user information is private, confidential and secure. Anyone who uses the Well Advised website will never be targeted by unsolicited or unwelcome calls or communication.

Well Advised is able to support hospitals in optimizing appropriate patient access. The service assures optimal clinical coverage while matching to a patient’s financial abilities.


Well Advised is unique among providers of Medicare information, services and enrollment in that the company reviews ALL Medicare plan options from ALL insurance providers and matches Medicare-eligible individuals to the single best plan option for each person, based on their individual clinical needs, preferred physicians and hospitals, and budget. With ongoing challenges we face to optimize appropriate patient access, this is a valuable resource we can all use.

Benefits of our Well Advised partnership for your hospital and patients:

  • Assures optimal clinical coverage while matching to a patient’s financial abilities.
  • Helps hospitals in reducing bad debt by guiding patients to their optimal Medicare coverage so that services are compensated.
  • Provides a free, unbiased advisory service to Medicare patients and providers which can be embedded in your routine processes to assure patient access.
  • Advocates for patients by identifying their best Medicare coverage with their preferred hospital, physicians and providers.
  • Offers your hospital and patients free, unbiased and confidential content and services.
  • Provides ongoing content, education and webinars for patients that can be white-labeled for your hospital to be provided to your hospital community. 

Contact [email protected] to discuss how Well Advised can work directly with your hospital’s leaders and marketing team to provide this valuable content to your patients and community.


We encourage your hospital to leverage our high-value, patient-directed content in our newsletters, emails and other materials. We welcome your patient community to join our live webinars anytime. Learn more at https://well-advised.com/medicareeducation.


Michael Jusi, Director of Strategic Partnerships
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Mimi Roberson, Chief Operating Officer
Well Advised
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