America’s Pharmacy Source


America’s Pharmacy Source (APS) is a home-delivery pharmacy with a mission to provide the lowest-priced prescriptions in the industry. By purchasing directly from suppliers and offering outstanding service, APS saves customers money and provides peace of mind. APS is partnering with HASC to offer an innovative program for member hospitals that will lower your benefit costs while providing employees affordable, high-quality medications.

Through HASC Rx, members pay just $11.96 monthly for individual employees and $20.46 for families — savings of 40% and 31%, respectively, on regular APS retail rates. Your hospital will reduce costs while helping employees save money and stay healthy.

APS is the only independently owned pharmacy licensed in all 50 states, Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands. This extensive licensing process not only enables the company to dispense medications to members regardless of their location in the United States, but also ensures its integrity and high standards.


  • Most common medications offered at no or low cost
    Employees can mail-order a 90-day supply of the top 480 maintenance medications for chronic conditions, many at no cost. Those who need acute medications right away can use a member prescription card at more than 64,000 pharmacies nationwide. The card can provide customers with up to a 21-day supply of 125 of the most-used acute medications at no cost.
  • Over-the-counter medications at low cost
    APS’s partnerships and buying power enable members to purchase over-the-counter medications such as Allegra, ibuprofen, Tylenol and more at a fraction of the retail price.
  • Diabetes program
    The Save On Diabetes program offers the nation’s lowest-cost testing supplies, with insulin at just $19.88 per vial. Members also receive a free glucose meter, low-cost testing strips, lancets and more. The program increases medication adherence by making it easy and affordable to keep supplies on hand.
  • Pharmacy coaching
    HASC Rx customer service agents and pharmacists will consult with members and their doctors on medication options to ensure they can make the best choice.
  • Program onboarding
    A dedicated account manager and the APS financial team will work with HASC to set up the program logistics: member signup, paperwork, fulfillment, billing and payments. Once everything is in place, the system will handle member orders, with no additional effort from hospitals.
  • Engagement and Promotion
    APS will engage your hospital employees via email, text messaging and mailings to help ensure a successful program rollout. After the launch, members will continue receiving regular communications with new features, specials, refill reminders, pharmacy coaching follow-ups and more.



To learn more and get started, contact:

Dwight Jones
Senior Vice President, Strategic Partnerships
America’s Pharmacy Solutions
(256) 328-5041

Jeff Kerley
Senior Vice President, Strategic Partnerships
America’s Pharmacy Solutions
(205) 478-0918

Paul Young
Senior Vice President, Public Policy and Reimbursement
[email protected]