bttn. is an B2B e-commerce medical supply marketplace that will revolutionize the way organizations buy medical supplies. With the power of modern technology and big data, bttn. helps every health care organization find reputable suppliers, compare pricing, and save money with free, fast shipping to multiple locations. The marketplace offers the ease-of-use of a B2C purchase while ensuring the secure yet flexible payment options B2B transactions require. With big data insights into supply chain trends, bttn. helps health care associations support their advocacy and education goals.


bttn. provides benefits to both buyers and product suppliers in the medical supply chain.

  • Online procurement                  
  • Big data pricing insights
  • No exclusive contracts
  • No membership fees
  • No spending minimums
  • No organizational size requirements

bttn. solutions:

  • Large health care buyers
    • Price transparency via big data insights
    • Nationwide logistics
  • Individual practice buyers
    • Access to wholesale pricing
    • Lower cost, better quality
  • Public sector buyers
    • RFP fulfillment / bid advisory
    • Work with unique procurement requirements
  • Flexible payment options       
    • PO w/ Net 30/60, Wire Transfer, Check, Credit Card, Apple & Google Pay, PayPal
  • Subscription services
    • Automated purchasing and subscription savings with 30/60/90-day options
  • Last mile logistics
    • UPS and FedEx
  • Customer satisfaction
    • Free samples
    • Direct from manufacturer spec sheets
    • bttn. will make it right if you are not satisfied

bttn. is an e-commerce medical supply marketplace that offers peace of mind to practitioners of all sizes by providing authentic, FDA-approved products with lower costs than traditional GPOs.



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Paul Young
Senior Vice President of Public Policy and Reimbursement, HASC
(213) 538-0777

Julianna Gordon
Head of Business Development, bttn.
(775) 636-4542