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Vituity Telepsychiatry is a national physician-owned-and-led multispecialty partnership established in California in 1975. The firm is a state leader in acute psychiatry services and offers 24/7 access to experienced, board-certified telepsychiatrists.


Vituity is a national physician-owned-and-led multispecialty partnership, combining clinical excellence with business acumen to help healthcare organizations raise the standard of patient care and improve performance metrics. Established in 1975 with practices in 15 states across the country, Vituity’s core services include emergency medicine, acute psychiatry, acute neurology, hospital medicine, anesthesia, and critical care – in addition to telehealth solutions. In California, more than 2,800 Vituity clinicians provide care at 230 hospitals for over 4.1 million patients annually.  

Board-Certified Psychiatrists, On-Demand

Vituity’s telepsychiatry program provides 24/7 access to experienced, board-certified psychiatrists in a variety of acute care settings. With an on-demand or block-scheduling model, its telepsychiatry services complement existing in-house behavioral health services by providing comprehensive evaluations, risk assessments, diagnoses, and treatment planning for behavioral health patients.


The Benefits of Telepsychiatry

Vituity’s telepsychiatry program improves quality of care and promotes cost savings through the following benefits:

  • High-definition, face-to-face interactions allow for thorough, therapeutic diagnostic evaluations.
  • Rapid access to emergency and acute care experienced psychiatrists for prompt initiation of treatment and more appropriate discharges or referrals to inpatient psychiatric care.
  • Coordination of care between psychiatrists and on-site providers, with shared decision-making in psychiatric dispositions.
  • Improved emergency department (ED) throughput, reducing ED boarding and freeing up beds for other emergency patients.

High Client Satisfaction Ratings

In a September 2019 satisfaction survey of 16 Vituity Telepsychiatry clients, Vituity ranked high in overall satisfaction by site physicians, nursing, and social workers. On a scale of one to 10, with 10 being the highest, Vituity achieved an average ranking of 9.28 for the effectiveness of its telepsychiatry program to improve patient care and an average 9.32 ranking for its telepsychiatrists’ skills communicating with patients and the onsite team.

Vituity Acute Psychiatry Services

The physicians and program leaders of Vituity’s Acute Psychiatry practice line are experts in the delivery of hospital-based psychiatric care. Its programs strive to address the pervasive challenges of physician access and suboptimal care for acute behavioral health patients. Vituity offers emergency psychiatry, telepsychiatry, and in-patient behavioral health unit staffing services. The firm currently has 25-plus behavioral health practice locations across the state.

For more information on Vituity’s acute psychiatry services, including telepsychiatry, please click here.


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