Optimizing health through nursing

Founded in 2002 as the California Institute for Nursing and Health Care, the nonprofit organization changed its name to HealthImpact in 2015. It remains dedicated to developing solutions to the critical nurse shortage and related issues that affect the health of all Californians. 

In this time of rapid change in health care, HealthImpact has become more agile and responsive. The organization continues to collaborate with a wide range of partners, designing and creating practical solutions to better prepare nurses for the day-to-day challenges they face, especially as health care moves from traditional settings to team-based care in the community.

HealthImpact takes on a range of education, policy and other tasks. They include the following:

  • Developing white papers with recommendations for new roles for nurses and how to prepare nurses for future success
  • Offering programs and tools on demand to help nursing keep pace with the evolving health care landscape, for both new and experienced nurses
  • Sponsoring the California Action Coalition, dedicated to specific strategies to use the skills, talents and experience of nurses to improve health
  • Offering programs that recruit and educate RNs to serve as clinical faculty
  • Advising nursing programs on a seamless transition from associate programs in nursing to four year programs
  • Focusing on recruiting more diverse candidates to the profession so that nurses reflect the state’s diversity
  • Facilitating a central online system for clinical placements
  • Promoting and coordinating simulation education
  • Helping newly graduated nurses get the skills they need to succeed in the workplace
  • Developing new programs, based on the workforce needs of California

HealthImpact offers consulting, toolkits and resource guides for a wide range of clients both inside and outside of California.

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