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HASC Releases Workforce White Paper

HASC is pleased to release an all-new white paper titled, Southern California’s Health Care Workforce: Challenges, Approaches and Solutions.

In its analysis, the paper reviews data collected by HR leaders in area hospitals regarding trends in hiring, recruitment, workforce planning, turnover and retention, training, and the physician shortage. Its unique focus on Southern California hiring and workforce issues make it essential reading for the region’s hospital HR and hiring managers.

Over the next five years, Southern California will need to fill close to 150,000 health care openings. With an evolving industry coupled with an aging workforce, leaders must critically and strategically consider ways to address impending workforce shortages. Among possible solutions identified in the paper are post-secondary educational partnerships and strategic workforce planning.

This week’s white paper comes on the heels of Span of Control: Clinical, Business Impacts and Solutions, a HASC white paper released in October. Both reports are co-produced by the health care research consultancy FutureSense.

We eagerly invite you to read and use the attached white paper. Please find it below.