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Blood Banks, Hospitals Issue Donor Call

The American Red Cross, and other organizations that distribute blood products, are again reporting critical shortages following another low-supply situation in June. This one, however, is worse and may constitute the worst blood supply shortage in a decade.

“Some hospitals may have to delay elective surgeries and other medical procedures if the situation worsens,” UC Health said in a press release last week.

Two factors are now exacerbating the shortage. The holidays are always a slow time for donations. And the continuing COVID-19 pandemic is prompting some donors to stay away from donation centers.

To help, book an appointment at your nearest American Red Cross donation centerUCLA Health and UCI Health also operate donation facilities. Click on any of the links in this paragraph to set up an appointment.

The process takes about an hour, just 10 minutes of which is the actual donation. The rest of the time is spent filling out forms, providing health information and enjoying juice and a cookie.

Protecting donor health, and that of the wider community, is the top priority at donation centers. Facilities follow California Department of Public Health and Cal/OSHA guidelines to limit the risk of COVID-19. Masking and social distancing are required of patients, visitors, contractors and co-workers.

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