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President’s Message From George W. Greene

This week, many of us will gather around tables with our families and friends and take time to reflect on what we’re most thankful for. The year certainly has brought both familiar and unexpected challenges. Despite the continuance of COVID-19, our hospitals’ commitment to caring for all Southern California’s residents has not wavered — they have continued to safeguard our health and safety. For that, I am grateful and proud to work alongside their dedicated leaders.

While we’ve made significant strides, we’re also reminded that work remains. We continue to exercise vigilance as COVID cases tick up in various areas of the HASC region and throughout the state. We’ve experienced a tumultuous roller coaster ride as we encountered multiple surges, and we’re wary of unraveling the progress our valued health care workers have labored so hard to preserve.

As we look to 2022, we also want to refocus on our strategic priorities and the issues that our hospital members face — now and for the foreseeable future. This holiday enables us to pause and reflect on all we accomplished and plunge forward with renewed gratitude as we approach the new year.

Last Thanksgiving holiday, we were on the verge of the approval of proven vaccines and gathering was not advised. However, we can now safely gather with precautions. I’m thankful for the science and technology that protects us and our loved ones. More importantly, I’m grateful for the resilient health care heroes who have stood on the front lines for nearly two years.

Thank you for all you have done — and will continue to do!

George G.