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FreightWaves News Interviews HASC’s Sanford

Darryl Sanford
Darryl Sanford, HASC Director, Member Relations & Association Services, commented on association Endorsed Business Partner bttn. in an interview with global transportation news site FreightWaves.

Global transportation news site FreightWaves recently interviewed HASC’s Darryl Sanford for a story on bttn., one of HASC’s newest Endorsed Business Partners.  

The Seattle-based company targets the U.S. wholesale medical supply market, and recently raised $1.5 million in capital to expand its business.

bttn. exemplifies a new generation of startups poised to offer providers better service at improved rates, Sanford said.

“There are a lot of different companies and lots of new, fresh blood coming up with innovative ways to do business, and bttn. is at the top of that list,” Sanford told the news outlet.

There are no membership costs, no sign-up fees, and no contracts, Sanford added. 

“That’s a big difference (with bttn.),” he said.

bttn.’s services eliminate restrictive contracts for hospitals and health systems, saving providers between 20 and 40 percent on their medical supply bills, while taking advantage of improved shipping and delivery speeds.

HASC’s Endorsed Business Partner program offers participants mentions in HASC Briefs along with presentations to hospital CEOs and boards, forwarded leads, and media endorsements like Sanford’s recent comments on bttn.   

With any questions, please contact HASC Member Relations & Association Services Director Darryl Sanford.