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Portal Helps Hospitals Meet Staffing Needs

As hospitals and health systems continue to grapple with pandemic-related staffing shortages, HASC reminds members to take advantage of a solution called Medefis offered by AMN Healthcare, a HASC Endorsed Business Partner.

Medefis provides a vendor management service and technology portal to connect health care facilities with a network of regional and national staffing agencies to supply additional nursing professionals.

Hospitals can request staff for assignments of four weeks or greater with guaranteed hours of 36 or more per week through the platform. Staffing agencies across the country will submit candidates with price and potential start dates through the system for your review and potential offer. Should you make an offer to an agency and they accept, that agency will then work directly with you to provide compliance and bill your facility directly for services.

We encourage hospitals with staffing needs to quickly join this program. There is no cost to join, and there is no requirement to use the program if you find, for any reason, that it can’t meet your needs.

AMN has experience quickly onboarding hospitals and can provide training and technical assistance to support facilities as they learn how to use the technology.

Hospitals can join the program by contacting Teri Hollingsworth, HASC VP, Human Resources & Education Services (below).

Other platform-specific questions can be directed to Medefis representatives Lauren LoGuercio at (971) 634-0996 or [email protected], or Kirti Patel at (971) 634-0993 or [email protected].