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Enroll Now in the 2023 Allied for Health Survey Program


Attracting and retaining talented employees has become especially challenging in recent years. The annual Allied for Health (AFH) Survey Program is an important tool that supports hospitals in making informed and strategic pay decisions. To help ensure the survey results are as complete as possible, California Hospital Association (CHA) members are asked to enroll in the 2023 program on by Friday, March 31, 2023.

The AFH survey program offers the most comprehensive reports on compensation and other key workforce benchmark surveys in California. With over 350 participating hospitals across the state, the program features reports on:

  • Executive Compensation
  • Management Compensation
  • Non-Management Compensation
  • Labor Union Penetration
  • Health Care Workforce
  • HR Metrics

Timely program enrollment allows staff to confirm contact information and set up 2023 participants’ access to the site. View the complete survey calendar here.

Participating hospitals can access the reports at no charge, with the exception of the HR Metrics report. Non-participant hospitals that wish to access the final reports will be assessed a fee. If your hospital has not taken part in the past, enroll now to take advantage of this member benefit.

HASC partners with FutureSense, LLC, a regional consulting firm with more than 30 years of experience with the Allied for Health surveys. The program includes CHA, HASC, the Hospital Council of Northern and Central California, and the Hospital Association of San Diego and Imperial Counties.

Recent Changes: DOJ, Antitrust Guidance

The U.S. Department of Justice Antitrust Division recently announced it has withdrawn longstanding guidance about information exchange “safe harbors.” In lieu of the safe harbor approach, the Antitrust Division indicates it will take a case-by-case approach to enforcement of the antitrust laws in this area. Despite this policy announcement, HASC continues to believe that careful adherence to the principles underlying the longstanding “safe harbor” remains a responsible approach in this area. Our belief means that HASC, as a third party, will collect and aggregate data such that no recipient of our reports can ascertain facility-specific information, and that the aggregated data is not current or forward-looking.

As always, HASC encourages our members to obtain their own legal advice and independently make the best decisions for their organizations. We will keep members updated on our efforts.


For any questions about the survey program or policy changes, please contact Teri Hollingsworth.