Hospital Week

Honoring Our Hospitals and Health Care Workers

As we celebrate National Hospital Week, May 7 to 13, I want to highlight the significant contributions our hospitals and health care workers make to our communities. In addition, we honor the compassionate healing work of our nurses as we recognize National Nurses Week, May 6 to 12.

Did you know that Southern California hospitals employ more than 200,000 full-time employees, who provide exceptional care to patients every day? Of these workers, more than 80,000 are nurses who exhibit strength, determination and compassion in the face of disasters and public health crises. Our hospitals are the cornerstones of communities, delivering essential services to millions of people across the region.

Every year, these hospitals provide emergency care and life-saving services for over six million residents when they need it most. Additionally, our hospitals deliver more than 130,000 babies annually, bringing joy and hope to families throughout the region.

Our caregivers have taken on unimaginable challenges and repeatedly risen to the occasion. We believe it’s important that others see the impact hospitals and health systems have made on communities, especially in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

During these weeks of recognition, let us take a moment to recognize the extraordinary work that our hospitals, nurses and health care workers do each day. Their dedication to improving lives is truly inspiring, and HASC is proud to advocate on their behalf, and represent their best interests.

Thank you to all of these health care workers who have made a difference in the lives of our patients, families and communities. You are the true heroes of health care, and we are grateful for your service.

Take care and stay safe.

George G.