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Reminder: Input Needed on HASC Products and Services

Thank you to everyone who has taken our member survey on HASC products and services, which has been emailed to targeted hospital leaders over the past few months. Your feedback is valuable because it will help us better serve you with offerings that most benefit your hospital. If you haven’t yet done so, please fill out the survey, which will just take a few minutes.

HASC offers a portfolio of innovative, cost-effective services designed to improve quality, enhance operations and boost revenue for your hospital. In this survey, we ask about your knowledge of our current offerings, what you value and whether HASC is a helpful source for your business choices.

Current HASC services include:

  • Communities Lifting Communities (CLC). CLC is an affiliate nonprofit organization of HASC working to improve community health and reduce health inequities through regional initiatives, leadership education and collaboration.
  • National Health Foundation (NHF). NHF is committed to improving the health of under-resourced communities by partnering with residents, local organizations and government entities to achieve health equity for all through recuperative care, housing and food security programs.
  • ReddiNet. ReddiNet facilitates information exchange among hospitals, EMS, paramedics, law enforcement and other health care system professionals over a reliable and secure network.
  • Eligibility on Site (EOS). EOS can help hospitals cut red tape and ensure proper reimbursement with on-site Medi-Cal certification. Qualifying patients can be interviewed and enrolled on site before treatment or following discharge.
  • Human Resources Services:
    • Education Programs. In-person sessions and webinars for health care professionals at all levels, with continuing education units available for select programs. Programs cover a range of topics including Medicare recertification, Lean principles and practices, violence in health care settings and reducing malpractice risk.Allied for Health Surveys. These survey reports provide member hospitals with human resources data and analytics that HR professionals require to make informed decisions on compensation, employee benefits and workforce hiring.
    • Workforce Development Services. A multi-pronged effort to support health care workforce needs across Southern California, focusing on areas with shortages of trained and qualified employees.
  • AllHealth Endorsed Business Partners. AllHealth, HASC’s for-profit subsidiary, offers in-house product development and high-quality services through our Endorsed Business Partners. These products and services are designed to help your hospital deliver effective, standout patient care.
  • HASC Annual Meeting. Considered the premier learning and networking conference for hospital leaders, attended by C-suite executives and partners.
  • Communications Services. Includes the biweekly HASC Briefs newsletter, along with other electronic publications, website and social media posts, and toolkits.

Thank you for your time and feedback! We look forward to hearing your thoughts. For more information, please contact Katrina Quinto.