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Well Advised Launches AI-powered Scalable Care Platform

Well Advised, a HASC Endorsed Business Partner, is pleased to announce it has expanded its products and services. The company is introducing a digital care platform that uses conversational artificial intelligence (AI) and advanced automation to enable organizations to exponentially scale health care delivery. This platform will be marketed under a new name, Scalable Care.

History of Well Advised

Well Advised was originally founded with the mission to empower every person to live their best life. It successfully launched its first product, which helps older Americans manage their Medicare coverage, find a doctor, evaluate their medications, and manage their medical bills and claims.

Along the way, the company established an R&D relationship with the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF). The partnership explores using artificial intelligence (AI) to solve the growing shortage of health care and mental health providers. Working with UCSF researchers, Well Advised developed the world’s first emotionally intelligent health care chatbot, which learns users’ emotional state, mental health challenges, and health care needs, and directs them to evidence-based digital therapies. The chatbot communicates in over 90 different languages and can serve an unlimited number of people.

The Future of Scalable Care

Scalable Care combines these new AI capabilities with the functionality and data sources launched under Well Advised. The new platform enables health care organizations to help people navigate health care, ensure they have the right coverage, and get access to therapies to manage and improve their mental and physical health.

The first implementation of the Scalable Care platform is a service named GritX, which UCSF offers to adolescents to help them manage their mental health challenges. Below are brief videos and a longer case-study link that demonstrate GritX and some of the Scalable Care platform capabilities.


For more information, contact Charlie Walling, [email protected] or (303) 887-4515.

Videos: Learn About GritX