Associate Corporate Membership


HASC associate corporate membership offers opportunities for non-hospital firms, such as consulting, architectural, law and educational organizations, to expand their network and access essential industry resources. 

The primary conditions for membership are:

  • An interest in HASC’s mission
  • Provision of two references from health care organizations
  • Demonstrated service to the industry

Benefits and Services

  • HASC publications, including the HASC Briefs biweekly newsletter
  • Introduction of your organization in HASC Briefs
  • Invitation to and member rates for our Annual Meeting and educational programs
  • Member rates for programs and services
  • Opportunity for increased visibility through sponsorship
  • Listing in your membership category in the statewide hospital membership directory and on the HASC website.
  • Access to the statewide hospital membership directory.

Categories and Qualifications


Small firms of one to three professionals serving health care clients.
Annual dues: $1,500


Firms of four or more professionals serving health care clients, such as law, executive search, consulting, academic and other organizations.
Annual dues: $3,000


Large-scale organizations such as information and tech services, equipment manufacturing, pharmaceutical firms, health plans and other suppliers serving health care clients.
Annual dues: $4,500

Application Process

The HASC Executive Committee will review associate corporate membership applications and may request additional information. Applicants will be notified of membership effective date. Please email completed application forms to [email protected].

The purpose of associate membership is to serve organizations doing business with HASC member hospitals. Benefits include information services and networking opportunities. The granting of associate membership does not in any way constitute or imply HASC’s endorsement of services and/or products. Use of the HASC logo or any statements of endorsement without consent will result in loss of membership and possible legal action.

Associate corporate membership is limited to firms not eligible for organizational or related membership.

For any questions, contact Katrina Quinto.

Katrina Quinto

Job title:
Director, Membership Services
Phone number:
(213) 538-0733

Current Associate Members