Recuperative Care

Post-hospital Care for Unhoused Patients

What process does your hospital use in discharging unhoused patients? What are the costs for services you currently use for post-hospitalization care? HASC and National Health Foundation’s (NHF) recuperative care programs provide services to patients without homes transitioning out of acute care.

Program Benefits

  • Limits unnecessary hospital days (averaging $2,000/day)
  • Ongoing training for existing and newly appointed hospital staff   
  • Basic medical oversight and custodial care for unhoused patients
  • A clean and safe environment in which to recover for an average of 10 days
  • Connection to social services and transitional or permanent housing programs

How it Works

Patients transitioning out of acute care complete a Hospital to Homeless Service Provider Referral form linking them to community agencies and services. Referrals can only be submitted by case managers and discharge planners from participating hospitals in Los Angeles and Orange counties.

For more information, please visit the National Health Foundation website or send a message.