SpeedTrack puts information on every inpatient discharge, ED visit and ambulatory surgery encounter — from every hospital in California — at health care professionals’ fingertips.


The Greatest Threat to Your Organization Is What You Don’t Know!

Unknown opportunities and threats are the most important information for your organization to understand. But, how do you discover what you don’t know is there?

Breakthrough Technology

Instead of relying on dashboards and canned reports designed with what your IT vendor thinks is important, SpeedTrack uses your experience and intuition to reveal what is important to you!  This novel approach of combining your sense and experience with patented contextual guidance sets us apart – we call it Augmented Curiosity. 

With eight granted patents behind it, SpeedTrack’s Population Health Decision Support (PHDS) platform is the only solution with the speed and flexibility to guide you to valuable insights by revealing every question and answer in your data as you follow your intuition.  

Analytics Partner with HASC

SpeedTrack has partnered with CHA, HASC and the other Regional Associations to provide next generation data analytics for California health care. Contact your HASC Regional Vice President to arrange an interactive demonstration using your knowledge and intuition to discover important insights affecting your facility or system!


Patient populations differ significantly in their demand for, and utilization of health care resources. Providers require intelligent solutions with the flexibility to address these differing needs, and deliver care where it has the greatest impact. SpeedTrack’s PHDS solutions reveal the insights required to tailor strategies that meet the particular demands of diverse and changing patient populations such as:

  • Capital budgeting and provider recruiting.
  • Managed care strategies.
  • Understanding how practices and providers compare in terms of expenditures and utilization in accordance with risk scores across the care continuum.
  • Identifying the patients with specific diseases and comorbidities who would benefit from care coordination strategies.
  • Managing the practices and providers with the highest post-acute utilization, readmissions and ED visits. 
  • Identifying practices with the highest percentage of patients not seen YTD, and which patients should be scheduled immediately.
  • Optimizing utilization by boosting alignment and preventing leakage across all service lines and providers while identifying specific referral patterns.



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