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On-demand medical interpretation, made for hospitals. Voyce’s EHR-integrated interpretation improves outcomes, saves valuable resources and is available 24/7, in 240-plus languages and dialects.

Voyce is designed for health care from the ground up, from our technology, to our interpreters, to our integrations. We are not a generic interpretation provider — Voyce’s focus is medical expertise, first and foremost.

Our industry-leading interpreters deliver precise and empathetic health care communication. We boast the highest interpreter standards in the industry, with physician-led education and a rigorous certification process.

Voyce’s technology is engineered by leading health care technology experts and designed for health care providers. Access interpretation from any device – through the Voyce app on a mobile device, directly from a computer web browser, or over a phone call – in an average of less than 20 seconds.

Voyce’s EHR integrations save providers valuable time. We integrate seamlessly into systems like Epic and Cerner, saving about two minutes per encounter with automatic session documentation, one-click session launches and more.

Reduce costs and improve outcomes with high-quality interpretation, integrated technology, reduced administrative burden, competitive rates and predictive analytics.


Industry-leading Medical Interpretation

Voyce sets a new standard in medical interpretation with our physician-led training, ensuring every interpreter delivers precise and empathetic medical communication.

Certified Interpreters

Access certified interpreters with 60-plus hours of training, working in private settings.

Language Coverage

Access 240-plus languages, including ASL, with more than 130 available over video.

Gender-specific Selection

Patients can choose between male-only or female-only interpreters.

Unmatched User Satisfaction

100% patient satisfaction with Voyce’s services.*
*St. Mary’s/CanHealth Study

Cost-efficient Sessions

Interpreters trained to end calls after idle time, saving you money.

Physician-led Education

Physician-led training ensures medical interpreters’ comprehensive knowledge of complex medical terminology.

Industry-leading Integrations

Voyce integrates seamlessly into a provider’s workflow, making it easier than ever to bring an interpreter into any conversation.

One-click Launch

Launch directly from your EHR or telehealth platform, such as Epic or Cerner, for a seamless workflow.

Automate Documentation

Automate documentation of interpretation sessions, saving about two minutes per encounter.

Smart Language Selection

Save patients’ language preferences for all future visits.

Simplify Reimbursement

Simplifies billing processes for easier reimbursement, where applicable.

Industry-leading Technology

The Voyce platform has been engineered by leading health care technology experts, designed for health care providers from our very beginning.

In-house Routing

Route requests to your in-house interpreters first within the Voyce platform.

Rapid Connection

Experience an average wait time of just 20 seconds, thanks to advanced routing.

Data-driven Insights

Utilize real-time data monitoring and heat maps to predict usage over time.

Encryption and Security

Robust data encryption and security protocols to protect sensitive patient information.

Unwavering Stability

Ini 2023, Voyce was available 99.99% of the time without outage and had an average provider rating over 98%.


Case Studies

NYU Langone and Voyce’s Epic EHR Integration: Enhancing Language Access and Care

“A significant step forward in addressing language barriers and improving healthcare outcomes for patients with LEP.”
Read NYU’s presentation at HIMSS’24

How Maimonides Medical Center Uses Voyce to Communicate with Confidence

“Voyce came in as a pilot project and it was lights out. They did such a great job that shortly thereafter we moved into contract with them,” says Kevin Cottingham, assistant vice president of operations at MMC.
Read the case study

St. Mary’s Achieves 100% Patient Satisfaction with Voyce

Danny Veniot, innovation lead at St. Mary’s Hospital, says Voyce “was one of the easiest product trials [he has] ever implemented.”
Read the case study


Danny Chang
Director, Strategy and Partnerships, Voyce
[email protected]

Rafael De La Rosa
Senior Director, Public Policy and Strategic Partnerships, HASC
[email protected]