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HASC Partner GreenRock Offers Funding Option for COVID-19-related Mitigation

The California Department of Public Health recently issued a 60-day notice stating that temporary waivers of specified regulatory requirements will expire on Sept. 30, 2021. Additionally, OSHPD has notified hospitals that all temporary changes of use, or modifications to the physical environment, must be restored to original condition by Nov. 11 (six weeks after the waiver expires).

If not restored by the deadline, such temporary changes that are to become permanent must be submitted to OSHPD for review and approval immediately, whether they involve construction or not. 

HASC Endorsed Business Partner GreenRock Capital offers the unique H-PACE financing product, which can be used by any hospital that needs to fund the configuration, or reconfiguration, of physical space, as was needed for any COVID-19 related mitigation strategy.

GreenRock H-PACE financing can be used to fund the restoration of temporary changes of use or modification to the physical environment to the original conditions; funds can also be used to make these temporary changes permanent, or to reimburse hospitals for any prior expenditure related to COVID-19 facility changes. 

GreenRock H-PACE financing can be obtained very quickly from the time of application. For more information, contact GreenRock’s Mitch Creem at (310) 498-6157 or [email protected].

For more on HASC’s Endorsed Business Partner program, visit our web page or contact Rafael De La Rosa.