HASC Briefs for Aug. 27, 2021

President’s Message From George W. Greene

The HASC region saw a 12 percent decline in COVID-19 hospitalizations over the last seven days. That’s very good news. Our recent data signal a sense of cautious optimism.

It’s not the same in every region of the state, however, with areas like the San Joaquin Valley seeing available beds dwindle. The region’s open adult ICU beds dropped below 10 percent for more than three consecutive days, making it the first California region to enact surge protocols.

In the Spotlight: Megan Barajas — With Podcast

Megan Barajas is HASC’s newest regional vice president — covering Riverside and San Bernardino counties. The latter, trivia buffs know, is the largest county in the contiguous United States, almost the size of West Virginia.  

HASC Shares Added Vaccination Toolkit Content

First shared last month, HASC this week re-releases its Summer 2021 Vaccination Communications Toolkit —​ Bilingual with additional content covering the challenges of back-to-school and the Delta variant.

Edison Rolls Out Power Savings Programs

HASC continues to partner with Southern California Edison to communicate the latest to hospitals on electrical power delivery and how facilities can avoid service interruption due to wind, wildfire and excessive demand due to heat events. 

To help mitigate extreme weather conditions that California is facing and ensure grid reliability this summer, Edison is offering two new programs, the Emergency Load Reduction Program (ELRP), and the California State Emergency Program (CSEP).

HASC Partner Offers Member Discount on PPE

HASC Endorsed Business Partner bttn. is excited to share a recent news item on the firm’s push to raise capital and expand its reach.

The item posted on Techcrunch notes that bttn. added $5 million in startup capital following its initial launch in June.

The firm now has more than 300 customers, the report notes.