HASC Briefs for Oct. 15, 2021

President’s Message From George W. Greene

As COVID-19 cases continue to trend downward — 24 percent in the six-county HASC region over the last two weeks — we’re reminded that vaccines offer a proven pathway to continue this trend. While densely-populated Southern California communities with higher vaccination rates experienced fewer deaths per capita, the state’s rural regions were hit hard.

Edison Portal Delivers Power-shutoff Updates

Southern California Edison is now offering a Public Safety Partner Portal that delivers detailed Public Safety Power Shutoff (PSPS) information not available to the general public at

Hospital managers will find information provided on the basis of their Critical Infrastructure Customer status. 

bttn. Shares COVID-19 Test Kit Availability Trends

HASC Endorsed Business Partner bttn. is a wholesale medical supply marketplace that provides HASC members value-purchasing opportunities for critical operational items like PPE and testing kits. 

This week, HASC shares a note from bttn. on tracking trends, its outlooks regarding testing supplies (and more), and how customers can benefit from its services.

Artificial Intelligence Is Well-Advised to Handle Medicare Enrollment Challenges for Hospitals

Ensuring optimal patient access is always a challenge for hospitals and hospital staff. Securing prior authorization for procedures takes a lot of staff time. Often, these procedures get denied or delayed while staff determines coverage. Many times, procedures are referred and then determined to be out-of-network, requiring more out-of-pocket expenses for patients who usually cannot afford the costs. Hospitals either “lose” the procedures when the patient isn’t covered, or they must set up a long-term payment plan with the patient that goes into bad debt.