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LANES Platform Connects L.A. County Providers to California Immunization Registry, or CAIR

The Los Angeles Network for Enhanced Services, or LANES, platform is now connected to the California Immunization Registry, known by the acronym CAIR. The ability to link seamlessly with CAIR is the latest addition to the LANES population health enablement platform, aggregating real-time health information.

CAIR is the immunization registry for California that consolidates and stores an individual’s immunization records, including COVID-19 vaccine data. Physicians, nurses and other providers at L.A. County-based hospitals, health systems and community clinics can routinely access this critical vaccine data routinely to monitor medical conditions and determine needed vaccines for disease prevention. Health plans also use the data to support care coordination.

Tracking information, such as immunizations and other types of relevant clinical data amassed across the county, enriches the LANES platform, which is designed for both population health enablement and cohort management.

“We use the LANES community data to populate our Los Angeles County Department of Health Services Empaneled Life Management registry to support population health initiatives,” said Dr. Guillermo Diaz Jr., chief medical information officer for the L.A. County Department of Health Services (DHS) Ambulatory Care Network. “The LANES Health Information Exchange (HIE) data is used in a large-scale systematic manner to augment our data to both identify and address gaps in care. The real-time clinical data, such as hospital admissions and discharges, allergies, medications, lab results, diagnostic results and procedures is cross-referenced with DHS data on the ELM platform to help us manage health factors that may impact patients’ health and well-being.”

The LANES platform allows care team members to securely access patient health information including vaccination records, regardless of facility and where it originates. The timely data can be used to inform care coordination, smooth transitions of care across health care settings and send timely electronic notifications of critical events to a patient’s primary care physician.

“We continue to innovate our growing HIE to empower our participants with the highest quality clinical and behavioral health information,” said Brad Hibbard, LANES chief strategy officer. “We’ve reached a tipping point in which LANES provides a cogent presentation of data across the health care ecosystem that informs clinical decisions to help achieve the best possible health outcomes. Our participants can see the bigger picture of the patient’s health.”

LANES is the only HIE platform in L.A. County connecting to a broad range of health data sources for population health enablement through usable features and functionality. In addition to CAIR, LANES also has connectivity to CURES, the Controlled Substance Utilization Review and Evaluation System that tracks controlled substances that are dispensed to patients. Licensed prescribers who participate in LANES can access CURES as part of the statewide effort to combat the opioid epidemic and promote safer prescribing practices.

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