Public Policy Priorities

Our focus for local representation and advocacy

Our public policy priorities are driven by our mission—to lead, represent and serve hospitals, and work collaboratively with other stakeholders to enhance community health. We scan the current environment for issues critical to our members and advocate in a way that best represents your needs.

HASC’s current public policy priorities include a focus on emergency medical services (EMS),  Medi-Cal managed care, indigent physical and mental health, facility licensing, external relations, and support for the California Hospital Association (CHA).

In 2015, HASC will focus on the following advocacy priorities:

Emergency Medical Services

  • ED overcrowding and wait-times – advocate for innovative solutions.
  • Pandemic, influenza and disaster planning – effective planning and response.
  • Pre-booked, in-custody patients – appropriate payment for patients brought in by law enforcement agencies.
  • Trauma – ensure the public/private trauma network remains adequately funded.

Mental Health

  • Mental Health Wellness Act of 2013 (SB82) grants – expedite treatment for behavioral patients in settings more appropriate than hospital EDs.
  • Support implementation of PES programs.

Medi-Cal Managed Care and the Dual Eligibles

  • Network adequacy
  • Actuarially sound rates
  • Prompt claims payment
  • Hospital representation on boards and committees

Medical Services for the Homeless

  • Access to medical homes and housing options for the chronically homeless.
  • Safe-discharge options for hospitals, such as recuperative care services.

Health Information Exchange (HIE)

  • Hospital participation and representation in local HIE efforts.
  • Connect statewide HIE efforts with regional HIE activities.

Community Benefit

  • Assist stakeholders with regional Community Benefit analysis.
  • Focus resources on common goals, such as reducing heart disease.
  • Oppose local efforts to levy taxes on hospitals to fund public health-related initiatives.

Grass Roots Support for CHA

  • Regional input on statewide health policy development.
  • Regional support on state and federal legislation, regulation and ballot initiatives.
  • Assist CHA with public outreach and messaging campaigns.
  • Be CHA’s eyes and ears – identify any new issues needing CHA’s attention.
  • District visits with state and federal elected representatives

External Relations

  • Influence community stakeholder positions on local, state, and federal legislation, regulation and ballot initiatives.
  • Social and traditional media – effectively communicate the hospital industry’s position on health care issues.
  • Maintain positive relationships with County Supervisors, City Councilmembers, departments of public health, mental health, EMS, and health services, medical societies, ambulance providers, and health plans (public and private).