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CLC Shares Hospital Community Outreach Efforts

Communities Lifting Communities, the HASC charitable affiliate and 501c3 nonprofit, this week shares some significant community outreach work completed by two member hospitals. 

Over the past year, Cedars-Sinai and Adventist Health White Memorial have pioneered procedures to identify diverse business partners with an aim to promote job creation and economic activity in the communities they serve.

The effort also brings organizations into compliance with Assembly Bill 962 and new legislation that requires California hospitals with operating budgets of $25 million or more to annually collect and post data showing how much of their procurement spend goes to diverse-owned businesses. The bill aims to support economic opportunity for minorities, women, LGBT people, and veterans, particularly in marginalized communities, by increasing the amount hospitals spend on supplies and services provided by diverse-owned companies.

With most area hospitals subject to the new legislation, the CLC story can provide a template for other facilities to come into alignment with the new rules.

Sharing stories connected to hospital efforts in community health improvement is a CLC strategic initiative. 

Consider showcasing your hospital’s community health work and work creating healthy communities through innovative population health strategies, initiatives, and partnerships. Contact Karen Ochoa to submit ideas.

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