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President’s Message from George W. Greene

George Greene
George W. Greene, Esq.

COVID-19 infections are continuing a steep climb, with hospitalizations now surpassing the 3,000 mark — a number we haven’t seen since late February. The 30-day increase is a staggering 370 percent across our six-county region and projections signal an upward trajectory. This increase, driven by the highly-infectious Delta variant, is having a devastating impact among the unvaccinated.

On Aug. 5, California issued the first state order in the nation that requires COVID-19 vaccinations for health care workers, allowing only for religious or rare medical exemptions. HASC and CHA support this mandate to protect the most vulnerable populations from filling hospital beds and contributing to the grim number of lives lost.

HASC continues to beat the drum on vaccinations through our social media campaign and toolkit. The scientific evidence is clear — COVID-19 vaccines are safe and effective and help prevent unnecessary hospitalizations and death.

As we draw lessons through our Pandemic Response and Emergency Planning (PREP) report survey and interviews, we can glean strategies to better position our hospitals to meet the acute demands placed on the health care delivery system. While we didn’t anticipate experiencing another surge during this process, our early findings suggest central themes that are already informing our real-time response to the current surge.

I’d like to express my gratitude for all who have participated in this process — especially during this time of heightened concern. Your valued participation will result in even more meaningful and actionable recommendations to guide us through future emergencies.

Thanks for your continued communication and cooperation.

Stay in touch, stay informed, and stay safe!

George G.