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New Orange County Mental Health Facilities Help Meet Surging Demand


Corona-based Signature Healthcare Services has expanded into Orange County with a new psychiatric facility to help ease Southern California’s growing need for mental health services. Phillip Franks, Regional CEO for Signature’s Orange County Behavioral Health system, will oversee the two new Signature hospitals. The newly built Aliso Ridge Behavioral Health, which opened in January 2022, is a 119-bed acute inpatient and outpatient psychiatric facility in Aliso Viejo. Anaheim Community Hospital, scheduled to open in spring 2022, will be a 98-bed inpatient and outpatient acute care hospital located in Anaheim.

Covering northern and southern Orange County, the two facilities will provide a full range of mental health services for children, adolescents, adults and seniors, including behavioral health and addiction treatment services. Both hospitals will be open 24/7 and offer free evaluations for patients. With a philosophy of individualized treatment tailored to meet diverse behavioral health needs, the Orange County Behavioral Health facilities strive to address mental health stigma by supporting multidisciplinary care models.

“There has long been a shortage of inpatient beds to serve the mental health needs of Orange County,” said Franks. “This situation has only become more severe with the pandemic, especially among our youth and senior populations. These patients often end up in hospital emergency departments that lack the resources or staff to treat them. We hope to be a resource in the community, not just for potential patients, but also for our local medical facilities that need the support.”


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