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Aug. 12 Deadline for Q2 2022 Health Care Workforce Survey

As hospitals face critical workforce shortages, data are essential to provide insight into supply, demand and distribution of health professionals.

Each quarter, HASC member hospitals are invited to participate in the Health Care Workforce Survey, which captures data related to turnover, new hires and vacancies for all positions, including select nursing and allied health positions. Participating members receive final reports at no cost. Hospitals use the benchmark report to compare their key workforce metrics to the broader industry. Data from this report also help to inform the advocacy work of the association. Furthermore, increasing hospital participation enables HASC to provide workforce data by county and other relevant categories.

Data collection for Q2 2022 began July 11; hospitals across the state are encouraged to participate via HASC’s Salarity platform. The survey has been redesigned to streamline the submission process, allowing hospitals to upload a preformatted spreadsheet with their data directly into Salarity. To begin, log into the site and go to the “Surveys” drop-down menu. The Q2 survey deadline is Friday, August 12.

To encourage more Q2 participation, HASC is offering hospitals that did not take the Q1 2022 survey the opportunity to receive a free copy of the final Q1 2022 Health Care Workforce Report. For more information, questions or comments, email Lessly Reyna at [email protected].