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Safety Briefing Now Part of Joint Commission Surveys

Effective Jan. 1, The Joint Commission will add a safety briefing to all accreditation surveys and certification and verification reviews.

The informal briefing, which should take five minutes or less, allows organizations to communicate with on-site surveyors and reviewers regarding any potential safety concerns and how the surveyors/reviewers should respond if the organizations’ safety plans are implemented. Organizations should identify the person(s) to provide the briefing prior to the visit.

The briefing will be incorporated into the arrival and greeting activities on the first day of surveys or reviews. Organizations should be prepared to discuss topics including:

  • Fire, smoke or other emergencies.
  • Workplace violence, including active shooter scenarios.
  • Any specific issues that surveyors/reviewers may encounter during their time on site.

Consulting firm Barrins & Associates recommends the following steps to prepare for the new safety briefing:

  • Have your leadership team decide what types of events the briefing will cover. Keep this list updated as new potential safety issues arise.
  • Develop a short handout for the surveyors to reference.
  • Decide who will give the briefing. A member of your senior leadership team is recommended.
  • Keep the safety briefing five minutes or shorter. Surveyors have a lot to cover the first day and will appreciate your respect for their time.