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Summer 2021 Vaccination Communications Toolkit

After close to a year and a half fighting COVID-19, the state and region again find themselves confronting a rise in cases. Unlike previous spikes, however, not all groups are equally vulnerable this time. More than half the population is protected by vaccination, but close to 40 percent still falls short – and remains especially vulnerable to B.1.617.2, widely known as the Delta variant.

However, widespread vaccine hesitancy exists, especially in the state’s Black, Latinx, and immigrant communities. This reluctance results from many decades of unequal treatment as well as historical instances where research and practice crossed ethical boundaries. Health professionals are now faced with the difficult task of restoring confidence and communicating the benefits of vaccination – to protect individuals, families and communities.

HASC has created two communication campaign themes to help motivate resistant individuals get vaccinated and to help reduce the spread of the Delta variant in the community.

Communications Toolkit Overview

Each toolkit includes: 

  • Suggested social media messaging and hashtags.
  • Downloadable graphic assets. 
  • Educational videos from health care professionals.
  • A social media story video.
  • Spanish-translated content.

Toolkit & Messaging


Dropbox Folder: Summer 2021 Vaccination Communications Toolkit

If you would like to learn more about the initiative, contact:

Adam Blackstone

Job title:
Senior Vice President, Communications and Event Management
Phone number:
(213) 538-0761

If you have issues accessing or downloading assets, please contact: 

Anahi Martinez
Digital Communications Specialist
[email protected]