Advocacy Materials

Support the Campaign Against Unequal Pay

HASC is asking members to formally join the campaign to oppose the unequal pay measures aimed for the Nov. 2022 election. The SEIU/UHW has filed ballot initiatives in 10 Southern California cities that would set a new $25 per hour minimum wage for certain workers at private hospitals, hospital-based facilities and dialysis clinics. However, we believe these measures are deeply flawed and inequitable, as they would completely exclude workers who do the same jobs at public hospitals and health care facilities.

Please join our coalition by completing the online form. You can also fill out the signup sheet and email it to [email protected] or fax to (916) 442-3510. Additionally, we’re asking you to reach out to other organizations you work with to encourage them to join the coalition. These organizations include community clinics, business groups, contracted vendors and other third-party stakeholders. Please encourage them to join the coalition to strengthen our opposition.

Thank you in advance for joining our broad coalition of health care providers and community organizations that oppose these measures. Your support is critical. 

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