Advocacy Materials

Toolkit for Respiratory Illness Prevention

Boy sneezing into tissue - toolkit for preventing respiratory illness

HASC has been closely following this year’s surge in flu and RSV hospitalizations and — with COVID-19 numbers rising again — the threat of a respiratory illness “tripledemic.” We’re aware that many of our member hospitals are facing capacity and staffing challenges and we share your concern for what the coming weeks may hold.

In response, we’ve developed a social media toolkit for our members. Our goal is twofold:

  • To offer a way for community members to learn how to protect themselves and their children from severe respiratory illness this winter.
  • To prevent overcrowding in hospitals and emergency departments — ensuring hospitals continue caring for patients who are most in need.

We’ve aimed to make this informational campaign convenient by including ready-to-use graphics for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram. We encourage you to include a caption or text that’s customized to your hospital or community, when possible.

Our hope is that by working together to spread the word, HASC members can help as many people as possible to stay safe and out of the hospital during this season of surge.

For any questions, comments or suggestions, please contact Adam Blackstone.