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Podcast Profile: Endorsed Partner Well Advised

HASC Endorsed Business Partner Well Advised recently joined the association’s strategic communications team for a podcast exploring its artificial intelligence–based service. Mimi Roberson, the company’s COO and a former hospital CEO, joins HASC’s Ana Reza to discuss the online platform’s “game-changing” technology and how it can help Medicare patients.

Well Advised reviews Medicare plans from all insurance providers and matches eligible individuals with the best options, based on their individual clinical need, preferred physician and hospital, and budget.

Listen to the nine-minute recording here. Please like or share the video on YouTube.

Well Advised’s technology is groundbreaking not only for health care but across industries. The Santa Rosa–based team of computer scientists that would later develop Well Advised’s algorithm made headlines in 2014 when it claimed to have created software that passed the famous “Turing test.” Named for computer pioneer Alan Turing (1912-1954), the test sets a benchmark for artificial intelligence technology. 

In June 2014, the San Francisco Chronicle wrote, “A group of computer scientists made international headlines for creating the first program to pass the Turing test, which tests whether a computer can trick a human into thinking he is communicating with another human.”

“Three of those scientists have joined a new Santa Rosa company (that) is developing a website that uses sophisticated algorithms to guide consumers to personalized, affordable Medicare plans,” the news story added.

For any questions about Well Advised or the Endorsed Business Partner program, please contact Rafael De La Rosa.