HR Metrics Survey Starts August 2

HASC’s Salarity website is poised to launch its biennial HR Metrics Survey on Monday, Aug. 2. The response period runs through Friday, Sept. 10. Visit Salarity to enroll.

Salarity is the provider of the Allied for Health Surveys – a California statewide data resource to help hospitals make smarter decisions. Other products include the Hot Jobs, Executive, Management, Non-Management Compensation, and Union Penetration surveys.

The HR Metrics Survey captures data on key human resources metrics from hospitals throughout California to assist HR leaders in making strategic decisions. The survey focuses on risk management (workers’ compensation), acquisition and recruiting, retention and turnover, and compensation and benefits.

Other key features include:

  • Information on leaves of absence and shared services.
  • Data displayed in averages and percentiles.
  • Executive summary presenting emerging industry trends.
  • Survey participants can order an Individual Facility Report comparing their hospital to all participating hospitals in aggregate.

These quantitative measures provide a benchmark that empowers leaders to understand where they stand compared to peers. Better data fosters increased credibility as metrics are a tangible way of demonstrating the value of HR.

With any questions, please contact HASC Vice President, Human Resources and Education Services, Teri Hollingsworth.