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Reminder! Don’t Miss Out: IRAP Grants Can Help Fill Challenging Positions

HASC is pleased to recommend a first-of-its-kind offering to members struggling with recruitment and retention for positions in health care culinary services, sterile processing, MRI technician, facilities management and supply chain.

We urge you take advantage of this free time-limited grant opportunity — while funds are available — through the Industry-Recognized Apprenticeship Program (IRAP) offered by Dallas College in partnership with HASC. It’s easy to participate, and several members are currently in the enrollment process.

Organizations can qualify for $10,000 of incentive funding per location by meeting eligibility requirements within eight weeks of their initial meeting with the IRAP team (and while funding is available). Grants can be used at your discretion to administer or promote the program to hire candidates or develop current employees for positions in the abovementioned areas.

Contact Soyinka Allen, HASC (information at right) or Amy Mackenroth, Dallas College ([email protected]) with any questions.

Learn more about the IRAP with the following resources: