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Stay Up on Staffing Agency Rates with New Resource

AMN Healthcare is providing average agency rates for health care positions

As hospitals face financial pressures and staffing shortages, monitoring and controlling labor costs is more important than ever. During the COVID-19 pandemic’s height, many hospitals experienced significant increases in agency costs to fill critical vacancies. While billing costs have since stabilized, it is important that hospitals stay informed of prevailing rates charged by local registries.

To help fill this need, HASC is collaborating with AMN Healthcare, a leader in innovative staffing and workforce solutions and an Endorsed Business Partner. We’re pleased to offer member hospitals a new resource that provides average agency contract billing rates for allied health, non-clinical and nursing positions.

The billing data, collected from AMN’s advanced technology and analytics platforms, include both per diem orders (booked for a single shift) and long-term orders (booked for two or more shifts; 13 weeks is standard). This information can serve as an industry benchmark, allowing hospitals to make informed workforce decisions.

HASC will be providing quarterly updates to ensure our member hospitals have the most up-to-date information. Please visit to access this free resource.

To learn more about the AMN suite of staffing resources, please see the flyer. For any questions, contact Amanda Leatherman, AMN Healthcare, or Teri Hollingsworth, HASC.

Amanda Leatherman
Vice President, Managed Services Programs
[email protected]
(971) 404-9507 

Teri Hollingsworth
Vice President, Human Resources and Education Services
[email protected]
(213) 538-0763