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HASC Seeks Hospitals for Geriatric Emergency Dashboard Project

HASC is recruiting member hospitals to enhance understanding of emergency care for older adults by participating in the Geriatric Emergency Department (GED) Dashboard, led by the American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP). The GED Dashboard is an online tool used to visualize key metrics focused on older adults who have an encounter at your emergency department (ED). Utilizing this tool will help hospital leaders make informed care decisions, with no cost to your organization.

Across the HASC region, adults over age 59 make nearly 1.83 million ED visits annually. Improving ED care and patient experience for this population is essential. Recognizing this need, a consortium of geriatricians and emergency medicine professionals developed the GED Guidelines, a framework to identify and address the needs of older adults in the ED. This care model includes geriatric-focused provider education, standardized care protocols, enhanced physical environment and patient access to food and mobility aids, among other clinically founded recommendations.

ACEP and the West Health Institute developed the GED Dashboard to assist with capturing and visualizing information aligned with the GED model of care. By participating in the GED Dashboard, you are supporting the national movement to establish the GED model as best practice and contributing to the collective body of knowledge regarding high-value health care.

The GED Dashboard helps leaders interpret the impact of GED care interventions through dynamic metric visualization to understand performance and identify opportunities for improving GED model implementation. Displayed metrics include percentage of older adults admitted to the hospital, number of patients aged 65-plus years who board for more than four (4) hours in the ED, and the count of select screenings performed in accordance with the GED model. Via the GED Dashboard, you can view and download these visualizations for internal stakeholder reports, resource allocation, process improvement and more.

Active GED accreditation, as governed by ACEP, is required to take part in the GED Dashboard. Participating hospitals must have access to an individual with the ability to pull aggregate-level information (i.e., not protected health information) from the electronic health record.

Visit to experience the GED Dashboard today!

If you’re interested in participating, contact Ana Reza, HASC VP, Patient Access Services, at [email protected] and/or [email protected].