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AHA Urges Action Following Cyberattack

As the cyberattack on Change Healthcare continues impacting the health care system, the American Hospital Association (AHA) is urging hospitals and other providers to contact Congress for help in minimizing damage. The attack has disrupted Change Healthcare’s claims processing and pharmacy services, markedly impacting hospitals and health systems.

On March 4, AHA sent a letter asking congressional leaders to press the Department of Health and Human Services for quick action to prevent further fallout and ensure a full response from UnitedHealth Group, which owns Change Healthcare. In its action alert, AHA asks hospitals and providers to reinforce this request by contacting your Congressional leaders today to:

  • Explain how the Change Healthcare cyberattack is currently affecting your organization’s operations and ability to care for patients, and how it could impact services for an extended period
  • Advocate for additional support and resources for hospitals and providers so they can continue caring for patients and communities without disruption

AHA has created a web page of news and resources on the cyberattack. The California Hospital Association (CHA) and AHA are working to share information on the attack and help reduce fallout as much as possible. CHA is providing updates and resources on its website as they’re received. HASC is also closely monitoring the situation’s effects on its regional members.