Regional Meeting

Using 9-1-1 for Trauma and STEMI Re-triage

HASC, in collaboration with the LA County Emergency Services (EMS) Agency, invites you to a webinar on emergency department (ED) usage of 9-1-1 for trauma and ST-elevation myocardial infarction (STEMI) re-triage. This initiative stems from our ongoing efforts to enhance emergency response effectiveness across LA County. In response to Prehospital Reference Nos. 506.2 (9-1-1 Trauma […]

Workforce Advisory Group

The Workforce Advisory Group serves as a resource to the association in leading a region-wide, coordinated effort to identify and address staffing needs and the nature and severity of staffing shortages. Strategic goals include workforce shortages, barriers and solutions, data collection, and partnership and collaboration. The advisory group will also examine strategies to advance diversity and inclusion in the health care workforce.  Meeting Dates […]

Executive Board Committee – Orange County

Orange County Executive Board formulates and carries out the HASC local public policy agenda in Orange County. All HASC member CEOs, along with other appointed member representatives, serve as members of the HASC-OC Executive Board. Three committees work in conjunction with the HASC-OC Executive Board: the Behavioral Health Services (BHS) Committee, Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Committee and […]