Podcasts and Webinars

A list of podcast and webinars that focus on diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) in the workplace.

Racial Inequality: Why It’s Health Care’s Business to Find a Cure 

An Adventist Health Webinar
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Advancing Health

A podcast from the American Hospital Association on exploring opportunities for hospital-led race conversations and changes.
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Diversity Dialogue Webinar Series

One of the most popular programs from the Institute for Diversity and Health Equity Diversity Dialogue Webinars in which a different nationally renowned speaker discusses a topic of pressing concern in health care. While enjoying the audio presentation, attendees log in via a computer and view the accompanying slideshow presentation.

If there is an area in health care relative to inclusion, diversity, equity, cultural competency, or best practices that you would like to hear more about in our Diversity Dialogues series or for more information about the Diversity Dialogues, please contact Derrick Mitchell, at [email protected]

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Five Trainings for Health Professionals to Integrate Racial Equity Into Practice

To build skills, knowledge, and learning for health professionals, PHF has curated a set of five high quality, recent, and complementary trainings. Each of these trainings are roughly one hour and are available through the TRAIN Learning Network

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Holding Hard Conversations and Moving Beyond Neutrality – Collective Impact Forum 

In this new podcast roundtable discussion, we continue to discuss questions from Forum community members about how to support anti-racism work within collective impact efforts, and specifically diving into how to host hard conversations when everyone is gathering virtually, and what to consider when the focus of your work feels “race-neutral” and separate from thinking about race and racial equity.