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El Camino College Offers Workforce Literacy Training

HASC is pleased to partner with El Camino College to offer the Workforce Literacy Training Program for hospital employees. This grant-funded initiative is designed to remove barriers to advancement by increasing language and math literacy for workers with limited English communication skills.

The program has three primary components: English and math literacy, digital literacy and technical training (designated by the employing hospital). Technical training may also include certifications that will open future career paths.  

Eligible workforce literacy trainees can be full-time employees (minimum 35 hours per week) who are immigrants, refugees or English language learners. “English language learner” is defined as an individual (at least 18 years of age at enrollment) with limited ability in speaking, reading, writing or understanding English, and whose native language is one other than English, or who lives in a family or community environment where a language other than English is dominant.

Program Goals

  • Advance Equity – Lower barriers to services by providing training funds for job-specific language and digital literacy tools.
  • Increase Competitive Edge – English literacy skills correlate with higher earnings. Thus, workplace literacy programs that help workers build these skills will play a powerful role in economic advancement.  
  • Support Pathways to Quality Jobs – Lift people out of poverty and on a path to upward mobility.  
  • Training – Training skills can include English literacy, digital literacy, workforce readiness and technical skills.

For more information on this program, please contact Kimberly Watson, El Camino College, or Soyinka Allen, HASC.


Kimberly Watson
Coordinator ETP and Contract Education Programs
[email protected] | (310) 225-8261)

Soyinka Allen
Program Director, Workforce Development
[email protected] | (213) 538-0722