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AffirmedRx is on a mission to improve health care outcomes by bringing clarity, integrity and trust to pharmacy benefit management.

AffirmedRx is a public benefit corporation and a leading provider of transparent pharmacy benefit management (PBM) services. The company is on a mission to improve health care outcomes by bringing clarity, integrity and trust to pharmacy benefit management. Known for its innovative approach to health care through data analytics and patient engagement, AffirmedRx focuses on creating solutions that empower patients, providers and payers.

Our approach allows us to put our members and clients first. This approach directly supports the goals of our clients and the consultants and brokers searching for the best solution. Our differentiators below outline how we believe we are fundamentally different:

  1. Public benefit corporation (PBC). AffirmedRx was created to benefit the public and serve its members. We are committed to a social mission and community considerations.  
  2. By employers, for employers. What employers want and need did not exist in the pharmacy benefit management (PBM) industry until now. AffirmedRx — created to serve clients and their employees / members — fills this gap. 
  3. Personalized care and compassionate navigation. Health care is local and personal. AffirmedRx understands this fact, along with the complexities of the pharmaceutical industry. Members receive individual support for all their needs, which reduces script abandonment and decreases medical/emergency care costs due to noncompliance or non-adherence. AffirmedRx will bring this care model to your community and work within that community. 
  4. The model that matters: Patients over profits. AffirmedRx delivers true cost control measures and reimbursement without bait and switch tactics, hidden charges or financial withholds. We do not retain rebates, we do not retain spread and we do not retain or bill any extra fees. We are a PBM you can trust. Care remains at the forefront of everything we do. In addition to translating to greater health and well-being, this approach mitigates medical costs that would result from denied medications in the traditional PBM model. 
  5. Alignment. AffirmedRx is aligned with its clients and is deeply committed to operating in the best interests of its members/patients and customers. Our PBC charter requires AffirmedRx to do what is right for those who rely on us for care, rather than focus on shareholder profits. Our executive leaders are held personally accountable to doing what is right through their compensation structure, which is contingent upon decision-making that benefits members and clients and is overseen by the board of directors. 
  6. Intuitive, hyperflexible technology and an intelligent, care-driven platform. AffirmedRx is delivering the best of the best in its platforms — doing things differently and cultivating partnerships with technological disruptors that simplify administrative infrastructure and work processes. As a result, 90% of this effort is flexible, nimble and focused on members and clients — where it really matters.


  1. Cost Savings:
    • Partnerships with similarly aligned companies, such as the Mark Cuban Cost Plus Drug Company (MCCPDC), create opportunities for cost savings for employers and members alike
    • Enhanced cost transparency allows for more favorable drug pricing
    • Improved visibility into drug pricing and rebates helps employers and health plans identify cost-saving opportunities, reducing overall health care expenses
    • Reduced hidden fees and markups result in lower prescription drug costs for both plan sponsors and members
  1. Better Decision-making:
    • Transparency in pharmacy benefit management (PBM) empowers plan sponsors to make informed decisions about formulary design and drug coverage
    • Access to detailed data on drug utilization and costs enables the identification of cost-effective alternatives and optimization of drug formularies
    • Transparent PBMs provide actionable insights that aid in developing more efficient benefit designs and member communication strategies
  1. Member/Patient Satisfaction:
    • Transparency in PBMs fosters trust among plan members by providing clear information about their prescription drug benefits, including costs, copayments and coverage restrictions
    • Members can make more informed choices about their medications, leading to improved medication adherence and health outcomes
    • PBM transparency reduces out-of-pocket costs and surprise billing, leading to higher member satisfaction levels
  2. Compliance and Accountability:
    • Transparent PBMs are subject to increased scrutiny and regulatory oversight, ensuring adherence to industry standards and best practices
    • Comprehensive reporting and auditing capabilities make it easier to detect and prevent fraudulent or unethical practices within the PBM industry
    • PBM accountability through transparency measures promotes fair competition and helps eliminate conflicts of interest that may adversely impact plan sponsors and members




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Senior Director, Public Policy and Strategic Partnerships, HASC
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