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Study: Half of Consumers Report Healing Impacted by Medical Bill Challenges

Cedar, a HASC Endorsed Business Partner, recently partnered with The Economist to survey 1,200 consumers about their experience with health care billing. The 2024 Healthcare Financial Experience Study findings point to a clear theme: Consumers want to resolve their medical debts, but they can’t afford their bills and the process is too complicated. Some notable findings include:

  • 47% say a bad billing experience impacted their health and well-being
  • 23% can’t afford an unexpected medical bill greater than $250
  • 71% found it stressful to reconcile billing issues between providers and payers
  • 38% switched health care providers due to a negative billing experience

View the study for more details. To learn about Cedar, visit the company’s website or contact Kati Nortrup, director, [email protected] or (518) 669-7470.